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6 August 1978
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Hi, my [pen] name is Araina (Rainy for short). It's pronounced ah-RAY-nah, not Ariana. This journal is somewhat friends only. It's mostly about my writing, with a side order of my personal life. There may be stuff about sewing, making corsets, and my strange dreams. There will also be photo posts when I go to new places. :)

If you're here for the fiction, all those posts are public. I friends lock my more personal entries.

I write in several genres: young adult, horror, fantasy and LGBT romance. Occasionally I write erotica. I am open to taking prompts, if there's something you'd like me to write feel free to ask! I draw the line at hardcore kink though (no BDSM, Watersports, Scat, Necrophilia, stuff like that).

I try to be pretty active here. My only fandom, so far, is SPN. Feel free to friend me if you want, no need to ask. If you friend me and are active on the site I will most likely friend you back.

I live with my best friend, Lissa. Together we have two dogs and two cats. I currently live in the Pacific Northwest but am an Austin, Texas girl at heart (Go Longhorns!).

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